Canine Blood Heroes

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Chad Hunt of Intermountain Pet Hospital in Meridian says the Canine Blood Heroes program was created "for the purpose of providing blood that is needed when you need it."

During a 2016 interview with CBS2 Idaho News, Dr. Hunt compared the concept and significance of human blood banks to that of canine programs. While the comparison might raise concerns or brows, Dr. Hunts logic is difficult to deny.

That's the problem with blood, you have emergencies come through for example you have a dog who may have been shot or otherwise injured. Other injuries we see are automobile accidents, and when you need blood, typically you need blood right away.

Can My Dog Become a Canine Blood Hero?

Canine Blood Heroes are the backbone of veterinary medicine. In order for your dog to become a certified Canine Blood Hero, he or she must weigh at least 50 pounds and be proven fit for duty.

During the rigorous screening process, factors like body weight and temperament matter greatly to a dog's rejection or acceptance into the life-saving program. This explains why breeds such as Pit bulls, Dobermans, sight hounds, boxers, and mutts are more likely than others to pass the examination.

If you believe your fur child would be a great fit for the Canine Blood Heroes program, contact Intermountain Pet Hospital directly or give them a call at 208.310.2428. To see what locals are saying and how they're involved with the project, check out Intermountain Pet Hospital on social media here.

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