Why not both?

OK, maybe I'm just being greedy. But honestly, I think I could eat either ham or turkey on Thanksgiving and be just fine. And I know I can eat both.

There seems to be a little debate as to which is best on Thanksgiving. I believe that most people eat turkey, but I do believe there are those who argue passionately for a honey-glazed ham. Mmmmm... I can taste that bark now.

In my family the tradition has always been turkey. Actually, there was one Thanksgiving where my mom axed the turkey (not literally) and we made homemade enchiladas instead. As an adult, I've come to realize it's because (a) roasting a turkey is hard, tedious work and (b) having us each made our own enchiladas ensured that we were in the kitchen helping.

Smart move, mom.

Do you have a preference as to what is on your holiday table? Perhaps ham is reserved for Christmas. Or maybe your dive in on turkey during Santa's big day instead of on turkey day.

I tried to find some numbers on this or even a list of which states eat what, but I couldn't find anything. There weren't even any sources on which regions tend to eat one or the other. So that's why I'm asking you.

Which will be on your table this year?

Of course, it goes without saying, the most important thing about Thanksgiving is not what is one the table, but rather who is seated around it. This is a special time to gather with loved ones and share in gratitude. I don't care if we're eating a deep fried turkey (which is tradition these days) or a box of cereal. I just want to be with the people I love the most.

Excuse me while I go cry.

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