I get one ounce of sunshine and immediately start dreaming of summer. Never mind that the pallor of my skin is alarming and I need the sun to kiss this body and face ASAP. I'm looking forward to frolicking in the pool and taking a proper float down the river. I've seen folks use innertubes, rafts, and even inflatable beds as floatation devices. But the most fun looking floatie is the big pink flamingo.

Last summer I got to join friends at Lucky Peak State Park to enjoy the use of said big pink flamingo in the Sandy Point beach area. Five of us fit comfortably and there were plenty of cup holders and storage space for our fizzing beverages. The experience was fun and worth the half hour or so to fill it with air. So where's my trepidation?

That was just one day out on the water. And it was calm seas, to say the least. I also learned it was the second flamingo my friend had procured in less than a month of owning one. The original had suffered some sort of puncture or tear. If I'm going to shell out over $100 on anything, I need it to be a quality item.

Did anyone else face this dilemma last summer? To buy or not to buy...and then you don't buy because scared of buyer's remorse. I know there are google reviews, but I don't know where those people have taken the flamingo. I need more specific feedback, so if you have any experience with it I want to know. I'm very close to pulling the trigger and I want it to be a good idea.

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