I've got a terminally ill dog, and he's getting a whole lot of treats right now that he's never experienced before. Like Cool Whip!  Why not. Prime rib is not out of the question for this pup on his last legs.

But we've got to be smart at the football party on Sunday.  Do NOT let the dog get his paws on this list of things, or you may have a huge mess to clean up.

We know chocolate is bad for dogs, but there's a whole lot more that can make them act crazy or have um... issues.  The last thing we want is to be cleaning up stuff during the commercials, or during Lady Gaga's suspenseful halftime show when she's suspending herself on the roof of the stadium. The actual game, ok.  We'll clean up then.  But just in case you'd rather not, here's a list of things we should not feed the dogs along with the possible side effects, according to People Magazine and the folks at Pet Plan.

Nuts - They affect the nervous system, and can cause vomiting, paralysis, or death.

Chicken wings - The bones can poke them on the insides and the hot sauce can upset their stomachs.  Double whammy.

Chocolate -  In large doses it's toxic,and if it doesn't kill them it can make them very sick.

Anything fried - It wrecks havoc on the dog's digestive system, and can give them diarrhea.

Beer - It can cause fatal respiratory depression.

Oh, and keep the toothpicks away too for the same reason that the chicken bones are a bad idea.

If you're the type that reads between the lines like me, I think prime rib and Cool Whip are a go, so that's cool.  My boy Harry will appreciate that.  And maybe some pretzels too, since those things always seem to multiply and be left over.  Have at it, buddy.

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