Fans at Disney World witnessed a rare character mishap when the Beast lost his pants.

A TikTok of the stage performance including the costume malfunction has recently made its rounds on social media. It’s inevitable that costume malfunctions happen, especially when the character’s pants are apparently not attached to the costume itself, or in this case, they failed.

The wardrobe malfunction took place during the daily Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage show at Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios. While Belle was singing "Something There" on stage, the Beast was seen walking onto the stage while he adjusted his pants. Just seconds later, the blue pants fell beneath his knees. He attempted to pull them up while continuing his cue, to bow to belle when she sings, "He's no prince charming."

The character tries to hunch over and hide the malfunction with his cape to no avail. Meanwhile, the other characters of Lumiere, Mrs. Potts and Cogsworth danced around him. He finally closed his cape and stood there to finish the song. Oddly enough, the tail seemed to be attached to the pants as it was lowered at the very end of the clip.

The full moment was uploaded to YouTube in 2008 by TalkingCardCreator.They explained, "This past Disney trip my family took, something very strange happened. During a "Beauty and the Beast" production in MGM Studios the Beast was having... well... problems. Luckily, my sister caught it on film and here's what occurred that December afternoon in Orlando, Florida." MGM Studios was the original name for Hollywood Studios which was changed on Jan. 6, 2008.

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