Here's an interesting fact you can drop during Thanksgiving dinner . . . maybe to distract your family from asking annoying, invasive, personal questions about when you are gonna meet the right guy…or give them a grandkid…..

Did you know that right here in America, our kids used to trick or treat on Thanksgiving?

It was called "Thanksgiving masking."  Kids would dress up as BEGGARS and HOBOS, wear masks, and go door-to-door for candy and pennies.

Trick or Treat . . on THANKSGIVING MORNING?  Yep it used to be a tradition. Check out this home movie from the 1940s. It  shows the tradition of costumed kids begging for coins on Thanksgiving morning. They'd dress then go door to door chanting "Anything for Thanksgiving?" just like we do now on Halloween.

The custom was popular till the end of World Ear II in the late 40s and early 50s

One of the main reasons for it’s demise is that the parents who had lived through the Great Depression found the idea of their children posing as beggars to be offensive and distasteful

….hmmm or maybe the reason for the demise was that people thought trick or treating on Halloween was enough begging for the year




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