I've heard horror stories about using dating apps here in Boise. Okay, maybe not horror stories but more-so just a lack of options to swipe on. I downloaded Bumble a couple of days ago but I'm not looking for a date. I'm looking for a girl friend, a new BFF, my girl gang!

Moving during the pandemic I never had the chance to really go out and meet friends. But now those tough times are winding down and summer is here so I'm ready to create a solid group of friends who are down for a night out or a Saturday morning brunch.

Bumble BFF is just like bumble but everyone who is on there is obviously looking to meet new friends. While the dating side of Bumble / Tinder/ and every other dating app is tragic to say the least, the friend searching side is actually pretty decent.

I was able to match and connect with some girls right away with similar interests. I found myself swiping right on more than half actually which is a complete 180 then it would be like on a traditional dating app. I will say though that is a little more awkward at first. It's easy to start up a conversation by flirting but you have to take a different approach when looking for friends obviously.

What's your experience on dating apps in Boise? Whether you're there to meet friends or find a romantic partner. Was it love at first swipe or did it turn out to be disaster date?

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