Idaho's Valley of the Dolls

If you thought the highest-paid actress in film history would live on a palatial estate in California, think again. She, along with her collection of over 3,000 mostly porcelain dolls, lives in Idaho.

Hollywood icon Demi Moore has lived in Hailey for 23 years. The New York Times has described Moore, a vintage and modern doll enthusiast, as the most high-profile doll collector in the world. Before settling down on her expansive Idaho property, it was rumored Moore's collection was so robust, it required it's own real-life dollhouse!

Demi's Dolls Upset Ashton Kutcher

We happen to find Moore's quirky collection fascinating; then again, we don't have to live with it like Ashton Kutcher did. In a 2009 interview with Conan O'Brien on the Tonight Show, Kutcher opened up about what it was like living in a valley of dolls during his marriage to Moore.

They upset me – I saw Chucky! These things freak me out, man, and she’s got like thousands of them. They’re everywhere – and they’re freaky. I think the dolls have souls. And they’re always looking at you – we have some in the bedroom and that makes things just weird. Some of these things are worth a lot of money apparently but they frighten me a little bit! -Ashton Kutcher, Celebitchy

When Kutcher said, "we have some in the bedroom," we nearly died! Can you imagine sleeping in a room filled with porcelain dolls staring at you all night? It makes you wonder if the creepy collection played a part in Kutcher's choice to end his six-year marriage with Moore.

Creepy Dolls for Sale on Boise's Facebook Marketplace

If you're surprised by Demi's doll collection, so were we! It wasn't until we stumbled upon a slew of disturbing dolls for sale on Boise's Facebook Marketplace that a friend filled us in on the backstory.

Let's take a look at those dolls before Demi buys 'em up!

12 Creepy Dolls for Sale in Idaho (We Wouldn't Want in Our Home)

The gallery below features 12 of the most haunting dolls we found for sale on Boise's Facebook Marketplace. As you scroll through, you'll notice we had a little fun naming some of them after their celebrity look-alikes!

PS, we're especially proud of Justin Bieber, Kathy Bates/Elon Musk, and Lil' Doll X!

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