Meet Idaho's Crazy Aunt Shelly

C'mon, you know it's true. Every family has a crazy aunt! Let's call her "Aunt Shelly."

Always the center of attention, Aunt Shelly is a free-spirited woman-child with a colorful reputation at the local watering hole. Her bleach-blonde perm is straight outta 1989, and so is her taste in music, men, and makeup. Hello, blue eyeliner + blue eye shadow!

Even though she lives next door, she's the guest who shows up five hours early or five hours late, empty-handed with a hot but sketchy new boyfriend. Despite her wild ways and your wild disbelief, she's held down the same HR job on a cube farm for the last 18 years.

And despite your best advice, Aunt Shelly does what Aunt Shelly wants. It's her world, and we're all just livin' in it. Aunt Shelly's motto was YOLO before it was cool, and it was more than likely seasoned with a dash of an illicit substance back in the day.


Whoa, Wyoming

A multitude of Wyoming's whacky laws are a lot like crazy Aunt Shelly. Just like Aunt Shelly's over-permed hair and bright blue eyeshadow, some of those looney laws really caught our eye. Keep scrolling for a list of Wyoming's most unbelievable laws that are still on the books today!


Aunt Wyoming's Whacky Laws

  1. From January to April, no one can photograph a rabbit without a state permit!
  2. Failure to close a gate can result in a fine to the tune of $750.
  3. No one can photograph pollution. No permits. No exceptions.
  4. Scouting wildlife through drone surveillance is illegal.
  5. Don't bring a gun to a fish fight. Shooting the scaley ones will land you in jail.
  6. Belly up to the bar, girls. You can't go further than 5' from the bar whilst imbibing.
  7. Swallow your spit at school in Cheyenne! It's illegal to spit on their steps.
  8. Ditto for sidewalks.
  9. Wearing a hat that blocks someone's view of a show is illegal. The vertically challenged on our team like this one.
  10. We saved the best for last! It's illegal to get it a freezer.

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