I pay HOA fees every quarter and I'll be honest, I have no idea what that money even goes towards. In addition to paying the fees, some Home Owners Associations put into place some crazy rules and regulations into place. What have you experienced?

One little quirky thing my HOA insists upon is leaving the front porch light on from dusk till dawn. I understand it's a safety measure, but it's a little odd to me that I could be fined for not taking that measure. Other than that we have the typical take your trash cans in within 24 hours and store them out of sight and take your Christmas lights down after the holidays.

Here are some other strange HOA laws around the country and I'd love if you responded with the weird regulations your Home Owners Association places on you.

  • Too Many Roses: A man in Rancho Santa Fe, California was fined for planting too many roses on his 4-acre property. He ended up with $70,000 in legal fees and lost his home to the bank!
  • No Pink Flamingos: A couple in Lawrenceville, Georgia was being fined every day they had pink flamingos out on their lawn and they didn't even know it.
  • You Must Be An Artist: Only in NYC would you see an HOA do something like this! In one swanky apartment building, you have to an "on the verge artist" and have your craft approved by the board!

For more details on these stories and other strange battles with the HOA, check out letsgohousehunting.com.

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