There seems to be a ton of confusion, frustration, and anxiety in the air right now. We just finished the Presidential election which isn't finished, a potential mask mandate could be in the near future due to spikes in the coronavirus and it's still 2020.

Luckily, there was some good news sliding it's way in the news but not till tonight. Could there be a potential vaccine and when would Idahoans receive it.

First, there is a vaccine that we posted about early by Pfizer, a drugmaker that filed for emergency authorization on Monday from the FDA. This is real and it's a political game. This is really happening and the best part is the effective rate. I was listening earlier to some doctors who said that a 50% rate would be good at this point. This specific drug is posting a 90% positive effective result.

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The doctor was asked on MSNBC how excited we should be on a 1 - 10 scale and he responded, "9 1/2." That's pretty close to me and very good news. So, when would we see it and how do we get on a list?

KTVB reported this evening that Idaho communities would be top of the list based upon our vulnerabilities. This could prove to everyone what we've been hearing already. Idaho coronavirus cases are spiking and in higher numbers. We've already heard the stories from hospitals waving the red flag that space is becoming limited. This means if we get too full hospitals will have to decide who can and can't be seen.

Gretchen Parsons from KTVB is an amazing reporter who went into detail including a potential vaccine date of Dec. 1 for Idahoans. See Gretchen's full report below.

Sidenote: Download the Mix app and we'll keep you posted. This feels like a potential for statewide mask mandate. I say this because UTAH just cited a special State of Emergency due to the COVID-19.

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