Mix 106 and Spa 35, Boise's Best Med Spa, teamed up with you to help someone get Cool For The Summer, with free CoolSculpting from Spa 35.  Congrats to Michelle! 

If you didn't get to read Michelle's story, check out why she was hoping to win the gift of free CoolSculpting from Spa 35.

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Michelle Barron

I've carried around so much weight in my stomach for the last 20+ years that I dont think my stomach knows how to shrink! I have been working hard for the past year to get my body down to a healthy weight. I've lost 30 pounds, but only three inches from that weight loss came from my stomach area. My children were totally worth the wrecked body, but I am so very tired of being asked when I am due. Considering I will be 50 on April 1st this year...it's time! Thanks for your consideration!

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest, and thank YOU for helping make Michelle's summer a little more fun.

If you want to know more about CoolSculpting, check out our friends at Spa 35.



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