Just like there are those who question the earth being round, there are those who question the state of Idaho actually existing. Yet somehow here we are... living in Idaho. Or are we?

A reddit thread was created back in 2018 titled, "Does Idaho exist?" The original post reads, "I have a theory of Idaho. I don't think it exists. I have never been to Idaho. I don't know anyone who has ever been to Idaho. I don't know anyone who has ever lived in Idaho."

This redditor's theory is based off similar premises of the Bielefeld Conspiracy. In "The 'State' of Idaho: The Case For Open Debate by Alan Lustiger three questions are considered. "Do you know anybody from Idaho? Do you know anybody who knows anybody from Idaho? According to the 1990 'census,' there are over one million people living in Idaho. But if there are so many Idahoers, where are they?' For those who cannot answer these questions, the conclusion is therefore that Idaho does not exist.

So what do people believe about Idaho? Some say cartographers made Idaho up simply because they needed to fill in something between Utah and Canada on a map to create a barrier. Others believe something deeper is happening and that the government is involved in some sort of mind-control where they are coercing people to say that Idaho is real. For whatever reason that would be is beyond me.

My favorite belief about Idaho's existence is that it is only but "a state of mind."

Or maybe we as a state only exist in the form of potatoes. The redditor admits that, "for years, the only bit of evidence that gave me faith in this alleged state is Idaho potatoes. However, I recently discovered something. Idaho is just a name of a certain type of potato, and Idaho potatoes do not necessarily come from the state from which they are named."

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