The fact of the matter is we're stuck living this pandemic life for who even knows how long? Vaccinations are here, but the roll out is shaky. A new strain of Covid is already floating around. Nothing seems more desirable than an escape from this whole thing. But since we can't just yet, the next best thing is finding your way out of an escape room. If you successfully complete it, you feel like you have some sense of control amidst chaos. If not, you're still guaranteed out of the room. The stakes are fun and low.

The premise of an escape room is simple: You and one or more people are trapped in a themed room and must work together solving clues and piecing together puzzles to make your escape in an allotted amount of time. They key is critical thinking skills, so if you're lacking, make sure your party has at least on smarty pants in it.

Treasure Valley Escape Rooms offers two fully immersive escape room experiences right now: Gem Mine: Last Breath and Captured: Doctor Fear. Their difficulty levels are Medium and Hard, respectively and prey on fear. If you're looking for something more whimsical and less difficult, their new room coming in Spring is just for you!

Journey To Oz turns the beloved classic into a fun race against time to make your way back to Kansas before the mysterious Land of Oz claims you forever! Except it's a 60 minute experience, so you'll be just fine if you don't. But it's a fun and new way to pass the time during the pandemic.

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