Cinco de Mayo is this Wednesday...on May 5th. I’m forever mad that it landed on Taco Tuesday last year but the pandemic ruined it. Still, according to Detective Danson in the 2010 underrated comedy, The Other Guys, Wednesday night is taco night at Rikers Island. So there’s still some Mexican food connection for it landing on a Wednesday.

And that’s really what Cinco de Mayo is all about: Eating (and drinking, of course). It’s also known as the Battle of Puebla day because of a Mexican army victory over the French in 1862 (Thanks, But over the years it’s been mistakenly referred to as Mexican Independence Day, which is actually in September. And eventually it’s just become an excuse for people to eat Mexican food, drink Mexican beer, and chug margaritas.

Lots of people are going to head out to restaurants and bars to celebrate this year. Barbacoa’s rooftop is opening that day, so it’s going to be on and poppin’. But I urge you to consider spending the holiday at Albertsons Market Street.

If you didn’t know, Talon Tap and Spirits is the bar inside Albertsons and it’s open for your enjoyment. I went ahead and had an incredible jalapeño margarita from their seasonal cocktail menu that’s perfect for Cinco celebrating. You can also nosh on food from the menu, but I think too many people sleep on the fact that you can drink while you shop.

Albertsons has a liquor license that covers the entire store, which means you can roam the aisles while sipping your alcoholic beverage of choice. There are even cup holders in the grocery carts! I guess people can use those for their coffee too, but that’s less fun.

Take your margarita with you while you shop for the ingredients to make a delicious spread of Mexican favorites when you get home. Some of my best food finds were while shopping tipsy. Obviously no drinking and driving, so have the Uber ready or bring a designated driver with you.

It’s an unconventional Cinco celebration, but it’s a fun one that’s outside of the norm. That’s what I’ll be doing, anyway

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