A (ex) Chick-fil-A employee has been sharing Chick-fil-A menu hacks on TikTok. Four days after part 1 of her hacks went viral though, TikTok user Anasteeezy was fired. She is claiming it's because she spilled the tea. According to her story, she was receiving messages and threats from corporate Chick-fil-A employees. Shortly after she was called into her bosses office and was asked to turn her uniform in.

Anasteeezy will go down as a fast food martyr in my book. Here are some of the hacks that she shared in part 1 and part 2 of her TikToks. Use at your own discretion.

Menu Hack 1 - Seasonal Mango Passion Tea: order a large Arnold Palmer drink with four pumps of mango. This is cheaper and it comes in a larger cup.

Menu Hack 2 - Two for the price of one: purchase a four-count of strips and two buns (each bun 50 cents) – and then assemble it yourself.

Menu Hack 4 - Frozen drinks: You can add chocolate syrup, Oreos, pumps of vanilla and pumps of original syrup to frosted coffee drinks. For frosted lemonades, peach, strawberry and mango flavoring could be added. You can also add mango or strawberry to the new peach shake.

Menu Hack 3 - Trade a toy for ice cream: The toys in Chick-fil-A kids' meals can can be swapped out for an ice cream cone.

Menu Hack 4 - Fill out the surveys: Start keeping your receipts because there is a survey at the bottom. Apparently if you fill that out you can get a free spicy sandwich or a free regular chicken sandwich.

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