On December 5th, 1933 the 21st Amendment was ratified by Congress which repealed the nationwide prohibition on alcohol. As you could imagine, Americans all across the country celebrated the return of beer and liquor including here in Idaho.

The following spring in 1934, Jacob Lockman, owner of the Crescent Brewery located at 1st St N and 9th Ave N in Nampa threw a HUGE party. In fact, the party was such a spectacle it's been recreated every year for the past 87 years! This year marks this 87th anniversary of that event and the Canyon County Historical Society is hosting another 'Cheer For Beer' celebration on April 17th.

Tickets for the celebration can be purchased through Eventbrite for $40 and are on sale now. Tickets include a catered meal by H & M Meats, a drink ticket from Crescent Brewery, and an entry into a raffle which is currently TBD. Of course additional drinks can be purchased on site - this is a celebration of beer after all!

The party will happen at the Nampa Train Depot and will be transformed on the inside into a detailed exhibit of the April 17, 1934. There will also be self-guided tours of the Nampa Train Depot, steam crane, and caboose.

This event is being limited to 50 people in order to comply with COVID-19 guidelines so make sure you purchase your tickets before they sell out. Tables and chairs will be spread 6 feet apart and guests will be spaced out while waiting in line for food or drink. In addition, all volunteers and Nampa Train Depot staff will wear masks. Guests are also asked to wear masks when they are not in their reserved areas.

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