When the campsite is free, we can spend more on food, beverages, and gear.  With Memorial Day Weekend coming up, now is the time to think about where you want to pitch that tent, so we've compiled a list of the best free campsites around the Treasure Valley.

If you believe the extended forecast, it looks like Memorial Day Weekend will be partly cloudy and around 80 each day.  We'll see.  But that could be a great time to spend the whole weekend outside, and the nice spring weather in general is probably why Memorial Day camping trips are so popular.  Even better if the camping ground offers free space for your tent.

Freecampsites.net is a community-based site that just wants to get us all out there camping more frequently, and they encourage anyone to add a free campsite to the map. These are some of the free campsites I discovered there.

8th Street Trail - Boise

It's within the Bureau of Land Management Four Rivers District, and small with room for just a couple of tents.  Have a backup plan
#4 8th Street Motorcycle Trail

Irish Point Dispersed Campground - South of Idaho City

Managed by the Forest Service, and it's a dirt road that leads you there, 7 miles from a paved road.  But you can stay 14 days at Irish Point Dispersed Campground and really settle in. Take 21 out of Boise toward Idaho City for 15 miles and turn right just past the bridge. Idaho City is 20 more miles down 21.

Trappers Flat Access

It's pretty because it's along the river, but there's only one outhouse and no water nearby.  It's rugged and rudimentary, but it's free.
Caldwell, Idaho

Martin Landing

Managed by the Fish and Wildlife Service, with access to picnic tables, fishing, hiking, and restrooms.  It might be the biggest of the free campsites, with 6-15 campsites and room for 15-foot RVs and tents.
Scott Pitt Rd
Parma, Idaho


What free campsites would you add?  We'd love to know your go-to spot.

Memorial Day Weekend is one of the biggest camping periods of the year. so now is a good time to secure reservations if you want to book one of the permit or pay sites around Idaho.  The free sites are usually first-come-first serve.  And if you miss out, there's always the back yard!  That's free too.

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