Ladies around the Treasure Valley are not going to be happy about this news. Finding out that the popular clothing, jewelry, and accessories retailer has announced they have voluntarily filed for Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code.

Yes, this means the store inside the Village in Meridian is going to be closing their doors. In fact, all of their 261 stores across 38 states will all be closing down for good.

Finding out from, this is the second time the company has filed for Chapter 11. It also happened back in April of 2018, at that time the company decided to close around 100 stores in hopes of stabilizing the business.

The closures mean that 3,342 full and part-time employees will be losing their jobs.

The liquidation sales have already begun in some stores across the country and their website has already been closed to new orders. All stores are set to be closed by August 31st, so if you have any gift cards make sure to use them completely before their doors are shut for good.


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