It feels like we're heading in the right direction compared to what things looked like last year. More vaccines, cases trending down, and now new guidelines for people that have been vaccinated.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officially announced that if you've received full vaccinations for COVID-19 you can ease up on a few regulations when interacting with people.

That's great but didn't we just get another alert that said nothing changes? You have to be vigilant about these messages and make sure you get them from the right place. Boise was back in the news over the weekend after anti-lockdown protestors showed up burning masks on the steps of the Capitol building.

I could see something like this happening across the country in the event the coronavirus is completely defeated. You have nobody left in hospitals and zero cases found. You could totally see a big national deal with performers and speakers. We're not there yet.

Covid-19 continues to exert a tremendous toll on our nation. Like you, I want to be able to return to everyday activities and engage with our friends, families, and communities.

That comes from the CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky making that announcement Monday and continued to let us know it's not over yet.

Science and the protection of public health must guide us as we begin to resume these activities. Today's actions represent an important first step. It is not our final destination.

Walensky went on to say the obvious. The more vaccines that are distributed, the decline in cases, and when we can completely control it, the more regulations will be pulled back.

The CDC said today that people fully vaccinated can do the following:

  • Visit other vaccinated people indoors without masks or physical distancing.
  • Visit indoors with unvaccinated people from a single household without masks or physical distancing, if the unvaccinated people are at low risk for severe disease.
  • Skip quarantine and testing if exposed to someone who has Covid-19 but is asymptomatic, but should monitor for symptoms for 14 days

Considering you don't really know who is vaccinated or not in public. The CDC said the rules haven't changed there. You still need to mask up when you're out and keep your distance. Read the full guidelines below.


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