My "Secret Boyfriend" and I love having a series we watch before we go to bed at night and with less do do during the COVID-19 pandemic, we've come across several series lately that I think are worth checking out if you are stuck in that rut of nothing to watch. 

1. Uploaded: (Prime)  I really had fun with this series. The premise is that you can upload yourself into a virtual world instead of dying. It's a bit of a rom/com and just easy watching. It's already been renewed for season 2 and I can't wait.

2. Alone: (Netflix and The History Channel) There are seven seasons of this series and my whole family is really into it. I just recently jumped on board. The premise is each contestant is completely alone in the wilderness with just ten items and the last man standing wins $500,000. It's one of the most intense survival shows I've watched and I love that I feel like I can jump in on any episode and still enjoy it.

3. The Last Dance: (Netflix) This follows the Chicago Bulls 1997-1998 season as they go for their sixth NBA title and it follows Michael Jordan's career. Being from Salt Lake City and remembering the Utah Jazz going up against the Bulls I really enjoyed it.

4. Little Fires Everywhere: (Hulu) I'm a huge Reese Witherspoon fan, plus it has Joshua Jackson from (Dawson's Creek and the Mighty Ducks!). It's a book turned mini-series that sheds light on why often times the seemingly perfect life is anything but perfect.

5. Defending Jacob: (Apple TV) My only issue with this series was a the ending. It stars Chris Evans and had me hooked from the beginning. It's a who-done-it murder story involving a 14-year-old boy.

6. The Cosby Show: (Prime)  (Don't berate me for this one. I know, I know. Bill Cosby is in jail. He's awful, I know.) That being said, the show is fantastic and I have loved watching it with my kids. The have all of the seasons on Prime and it's a great throwback.

As for the best movies I've watched recently, I really liked ....

Just Mercy (Free on YouTube, Google Play and Amazon) It stars Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx and deals with racial injustice in our world. It's one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.

Trial By Fire (Hulu) Based on the True Story of Cameron Todd Willingham who is put on death row after his three baby girls were killed in a fire. It stars Laura Dern and my brain kept switching back and forth as to whether or not he committed the crime.

Okay, your binge watching is set for months! You can thank me later! If you have any binge watch suggestions I'd love if you'd leave them in the comments!

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