Saturday started out being a tremendous day, the weather was great and Savannah and I were enjoying one final day with our nephew Colby in town before they both left for Seattle. Or at least that was the original plan. After spending the day visiting Fast Lanes indoor Kart Racing in Boise we ended up going to see some action at the Meridian Speedway. Upon arriving back home we noticed something that no one wants to see a leak in their driveway a puddle of fluid underneath one of the vehicles.

After inspection it was pretty easy to see that the fluid was Coolant, but the puddle was large and needed attention immediately. There was no way it was going to Seattle the next day. I did call a mechanic available 24/7 who was able to come out Sunday morning unfortunately he suggested the dealership due to how large this job was turning out to be.

So, today Savannah and Colby are taking her truck to the dealership to see if this is something they can do quickly and hopefully it is covered by our warranty. Ugh, vehicle issues are the absolute worst especially when they put a major change in your plans. But I am very thankful we found our about this issue before they started the trip to Seattle. Please keep your fingers crossed that this can be resolved quickly and won't cost me an arm and a leg.

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