For many Idahoans, our dogs are a part of our family. We love them, we raise them, and we wish they'd out-live our wretched in-laws. Unfortunately, the city of Boise doesn't feel the same way. When it comes to our furry four-legged family members, Boise has one dog policy that took us by surprise.

According to the City of Boise Cemetery Rules and Regulations, visitors are expected to exercise a certain level of decorum and respect on hallowed grounds.

Domestic pets, other than service animals, shall not be permitted on cemetery grounds or in any cemetery buildings. -City of Boise

Why though? Along with loud or boisterous talking and idling on cemetery grounds, it's considered unbecoming conduct in a sacred place. While we agree cemeteries are a play of observance, we disagree with the notion that bringing our pup to a cemetery is a disturbance. As long as visitors keep their dogs off graves, we fail to see the harm. But despite what we think, we're not in charge around here.

Here's Where You Can Bring Your Boise Dog

Instead of taking your fur child for a walk among the tombstones, why not opt for something more lively and dog-friendly? If you're new to the Boise-area, you'll be glad to know the Treasure Valley is home to several spectacular dog parks. We turned to to help us narrow down Boise's six best places for your pooch to play!

Best Dog Parks in the Boise Area

If you and your furry companion have yet to check these spots out, they are worth a visit.

Looking to Take Your Dog Off the Beaten Path?

Before you and Fido embark upon an adventure in the foothills, we highly recommend taking them to a rattlesnake avoidance course. Whether yours is a pampered princess or ruff-and-tumble kind of pup, rattlesnake avoidance training can benefit any canine. Did you know your dog is 20-times more likely to be bitten by a poisonous snake than you are? They're also 25-times more likely to die from them.

Rattlesnake Avoidance for Boise Dogs: 3 spring courses to keep them safe

Joplin Cemetery: Idaho's Most Unique Burial Grounds

Joplin's Cemetery - Est. 1882 - Eagle, Idaho

"To the memory of the pioneer families who came to this valley in 1880. This sacred place is reserved and perpetuated as they found it. Dry and desolate, many were the hardships and privations endured. Dedicated to the spirit of the old timers and pioneers."
 Scroll on for a unique tour of Idaho's most interesting cemetery!
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