I've posted a few articles about businesses hiring with crazy perks. One offered a week of free hotel stays with $5,000 to report your feeling in the environment.

We also see countries paying for you to live for free while working. So many people are working from home via their computer and this isn't crazy talk. I've never seen a six-figure salary, free rent, and new career opportunity like this  Let's pack our potato bags and head to California.

Why not though because it pays and when will you get this opportunity again? Murphy-Goode Winery has one really simple post on their website, "Do You Want A Really Goode Job?"

Murphy Goode wants applications from Idahoans and they will give you until the first week of April (there is a countdown on their website and the CNN article gives you till June.)  First, let's see what you get and how it works.

  • Move to Sonoma Wine Country for one year.
  • Rent Free
  • $10,000 per month for one year.
  • Year's Worth of Murphy-Goode Wine

SOLD. I see four great reasons why you should consider this opportunity. I would apply, but my pregnant wife could have an issue with that. You on the other hand might be perfect for the job. So, sell yourself in a video and get hired. Simple.

This is a major opportunity though and not just some click gimmick. If you get hired by Murphy Goode Winer you will make $112,000 for the year at $10,000 a month. There is a system in place for your 12 months on this new job. You get paid to learn a new career field and live rent-free.

I was reading about this opportunity further and the company is really looking for a creative mind.

We have a job that will instantly catapult you into the wine stratosphere.

That comes from the company that goes into further details on your one-year journey. Whoa. Think about the sacrifices you could make to live a dream for one-year. Have you ever said, "If I could only get a chance?" Here's your chance from Boise, Idaho.

We don't want you to leave the Gem State, but we'll keep things covered while you're gone. Just come back and open up your own winery back here in the Snake River Valley or team up with some of Idaho's amazing winemakers.

We have a buzzing wine community and wouldn't they love to hire an Idahoan. Don't worry, we won't disown you for moving to California as everyone moves to Boise. It's just a year, $112,000 richer, living rent-free, and one new career later. You'll be forgiven.

Good luck!


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