I really think it would do me and my fiance some good to BUY a house We've been renting for so long it's hard to picture actually owning a place. I've got some credit challenges to fix before I can make a move but it sure sounds nice!

The longest I've ever lived in one house my entire life was 7 years. Essentially all of middle and high school. As an adult, I've moved around just as frequently as I did as a kid. Now I've gone from renting apartments to renting houses, but man, the idea that I could potentially be in a place where I could say, "I own these walls" sure sounds nice.

I've put this off for a long time as I've moved quite a bit around the country but now I'm engaged, soon to be married and my fiance and I really love it here so we're planning to stick around for a while. But it occurred to me, that while I like my house, I'm a renter, and it'll never really feel like MY or OUR house. Ya know?

I hear a bit about FHA loans and this and that and quite honestly, even having quite a few realtors in my family, the prospect is a bit intimidating. I have some credit challenges; things that are lingering from choices I made in my twenties but I'm working pretty hard at knocking that stuff out. My lease will be up in January and if I end up in this house for another year, that'll be fine. I mean, I'm in a brand new rental in Meridian, I can't complain, but man would it be nice to own.

To be able to say, ya know I don't like the paint in this place, let's change it. I also think I'd like to buy an older home with a ton of character, ya know? I'd love to have a backyard with mature trees and space for my dogs to run free. It's all a fantasy at this point but I've got a solid job and my fiance is finishing her PhD so I'm sure at some point we'll be in the position to make it happen, and man, that'll be an awesome moment.

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