Rob Zombie's The Munsters reboot has managed to garner a good deal of excitement from the general public. That being said, it seems that fans of the original series could have a lot to enjoy too. That’s because recently, Rob Zombie announced that Butch Patrick, an original cast member who played Eddie Munster on the show, will be appearing in the film as the Tin Can Man.

So far, Zombie’s been pretty tight-lipped about who we should or shouldn’t expect to return. Most of the family has been recast, but there's still the question of who will be playing Eddie and Marilyn. Lily Munster is set to be played by Sheri Moon Zombie. Herman will be played by Jeff Daniel Phillips. Grandpa will be played by Daniel Roebuck.

And here is the Tin Can Man and Butch Patrick on Zombie’s Instagram:

In addition to this newly revealed appearance by Patrick, we also know that Cassandra Peterson (better known by her stage name, Elvira), will also be making an appearance in The Munsters.

That does beg a certain question though. What about Eddie and Marilyn? Zombie hasn't said much about either of them yet, leading fans to assume that he must have some pretty big names lined up for those roles. That being said, the opposite could also be true. It’s unlikely that he would write those big roles out of the film completely, but nothing's guaranteed until the movie is out.

Rob Zombie’s The Munsters will be released by Universal this fall.

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