I graduated high school on a hot summer day in June 2005. The ceremony was unnecessarily long. The speeches were mediocre at best, and it was difficult to hear the designated teacher call out the names of graduating students. But I absolutely loved it! I can't stand that seniors didn't get to have the quintessential graduation experience in 2020 because of Covid-19. And that was just high school! Imagine going through all the late nights studying and working hard to earn a degree and then be told your accomplishment wouldn't be celebrated in traditional grand fashion because a virus. That was the reality for students graduating last year. But it appears things are looking up for the BSU spring class of 2021.

In 73 days and 11 hours, Boise State University grads are expected to gather in Albertsons Stadium to celebrate the successful completion of their degrees; a feat a global pandemic worked hard to derail. Various COVID-19 precautions, including physical distancing and facial coverings will be employed during ceremonies. The goal is to mitigate risk and keep everyone safe. In the event in-person ceremonies are not possible due to Covid-19, virtual arrangements are being made as backup.

However, a May 8th date leaves time for case numbers to decrease and more vaccinations to be administered. A limited amount of tickets will be given to each student, which will also keep the crowd size smaller. Live streaming of the commencement will be available for off-campus guests unable to attend. So until further notice, all things are a go! Congrats to all students graduating in the second pandemic year.


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