Talk to anyone in the Treasure Valley about what it means to be a Boise State fan and more than likely the first thing that comes to mind is Loyalty. Between legendary rivals, in or out of conference the Bronco faithful are exactly that. Faithful. So when it comes to helping one their own it shouldn't come as a surprise.  

Dubbed the Father Of Bronco Football, Lyle Smith will be 101 years old next month and still attends Bronco games at Albertson Stadium when he can. He may not be running up and down the sidelines anymore or screaming at referees like he used to back in the day when BSU was Boise Junior College, but he is a feature of what Bronco Football is.

Bowling Green v Boise State
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Current and former BSU players have teamed together once again to make sure that Lyle Smith attends the games. They all started a page to raise enough money to purchase a power wheelchair. The page has already collected a massive $1,250 of the $4,000 goal, all of this in just one day. Once the chair is purchased this opens the door for the former Football Coach to attend even more practices, games, and alumni events. What is so amazing, that by 4:30 on Saturday the goal was crushed! Now we just can't wait to see Coach Smith zipping around the BSU campus on his way to next season's games. And maybe even zipping around the National Championship could happen.: )  - JD

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