A Heated Lunch on the Boise River

Over the weekend, a group of us had met up for a late lunch at a BoDo bar and grill on the edge of the Boise River. It was sunny and 87 when our party of six took our seats on the patio. To our disappointment, only half of us were shaded by the bistro table’s red umbrella. We couldn’t order drinks fast enough.

Around the time our ice cold beers hit the table, a couple with an infant and a toddler were seated next to us. Unfortunately, their bistro table had no umbrella, but the mother had come prepared with sunscreen and bonnets for her littles.

Party of Silence

Moments later, someone from within our party of six had an outburst that made all our jaws drop. We’d like to clarify that this person didn’t belong to the core group. She was there as someone’s date.

The outburst was the breastfeeding bully's knee-jerk reaction to the mother nursing her infant at the table next to us. It went something like, “Gross! Some of us are trying to enjoy a meal here! If you’re going to do that in public, at least have the decency to cover up!” She said it loud enough that the mother, a waiter, and the other table next to us heard it.

Don't Mess with Boise Moms

Silence followed the ignorant comment until the mother came over to our table! With her baby latched onto her breast, the mother asked the woman to repeat her comment. She remained silent. “That’s what I thought,” the mother said. “Some of us, my baby included, are trying to enjoy a meal here. If you’re going to have a childish outburst in public, do us all a favor and eat your lunch under a hot blanket. At least then we won’t have to look at you.”

And that, Boise, is a master class on how to handle breastfeeding ignorance.

To Boise’s nursing mothers, it’s okay if you’re not the kind to confront a breastfeeding bully. But remember your baby has the right to enjoy their meal the same as anyone else.

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