Last month, the Nampa School District effectively banned 22 books from their libraries. 

A list of those books can be found here, but it included well-known classics and nuanced themes.

In fact, books are being challenged all across the country with a fervor that is unlike any other, with the most common themes involving racism, LGBTQ+ identities and sexual education in schools.



In response to the Nampa School District, many local organizations and businesses are pushing back against this form of censorship.


Not only did Rediscovered Books put together displays in their shops of the books that Nampa outlawed, they decided to do one better… 

They organized an event to give the community FREE copies of the recently banned books.  



They’re calling the event: “Stick it to the Ban” – hosted by Rediscovered Books and Flying M Coffee Nampa

It’s Wednesday, June 8th, from 6:00 - 8:00 pm in the Flying M Coffee Garage in Nampa.


1314 2nd St S

Nampa, Idaho


Anyone is welcome to come and take a book home, but Nampa students and teachers can choose up to three books, with the proof of identification.

According to Rediscovered Books, over 1,250 books from the banned list were donated in just one week, which is three pallets worth to give away.

“We are blown away and so thankful to be part of such a passionate and inspiring community, looking forward to seeing you here at the distribution!”

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