The new apartment building will be six stories tall and will bring new sidewalks, bike racks, and several retail stores along with it.  But there's one thing it might be missing.  

The plan is to build 223 new apartments with a parking garage at Main Street and Whitewater Park Boulevard in Boise’s West End.  Most of the apartments will be one-bedroom, but they'll have dozens of two-bedroom apartments, a few studio apartments, and a handful of townhomes to go along with it.

The Idaho Statesman points out that 29th Street stops at Main Street right now, but as part of the apartment project they would extend 29th Street so it goes through the new property, and it would become a walking area that residents use to get to the new retail stores that pop up.

The list does NOT include a grocery store.  The developer told that Statesman that the original plan did call for a grocery store to open up at the apartment village, but they couldn't find a grocer that was willing to do it.  So if you live there, you'll have to drive a little further out for your cereal and almond milk.  Boise Weekly says the efforts to attract a grocer are continuing, and while that's happening they've firmed up plans for coffee shops, personal service retailers, and a yoga or fitness studio.



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