I don't understand this type of behavior. It seems like their only intentions are to instill fear and cause destruction. Someone is terrorizing Boise's North End with a BB gun. 

Car windows and pets are the most common target, but resident Eric Olsen was out jogging on Thursday night when according to KTVB, he felt a sharp sting on his back.

When he turned around to see where the bullet came from he saw a bright maroon or violet sedan with what appeared to be kids yelling inside.

Olsen reported the incident to police and on the Nextdoor App where he quickly learned he was far from the only victim.

Numerous people report being shot at between State St. and Hill Road and from 38th to 36th Street this past Thursday and Friday.

If you have any information about who could be behind these BB gun shootings, please contact the police.

I love our beautiful city, but we are so naive if we think crime doesn't happen around here. I had a very scary incident in downtown Boise over the weekend that opened my eyes a lot that these kinds of things do happen and they can happen to you.

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