It's no secret that summer is a sweltering mess. Obviously staying indoors with the A/C cranked is a wonderful remedy to keep cool. However, that's not nearly as fun as heading to a pool, of course. If you have a pool in your backyard or there's a residential one in your neighborhood, I'm equal parts happy for and jealous of you. But where do folks who aren't pool rich go for a relaxing, refreshing day at the pool? According to the fine members of the Treasure Valley, The Riverside Hotel has the best pool in Boise.

When I posed the question on Facebook as to which hotel is rocking with the best pool, the overwhelming response was Riverside. Music and poolside service apparently is the game changer. To channel Regina George's mom in Mean Girls, it's not a regular pool, it's a cool pool. It's gotten nice reviews on Yelp, also:

"Great outdoor pool and snack bar; in many ways, the way it's set up, it feels like an oceanside hotel, but next to the river." - Dave K.

"Thank you to Grace and Sophie for amazing poolside service each and every time we came down to the pool. We definitely would come back to stay here." - Vic K.

"This is a nice facility and the pool area is amazing..." - Steve B.

You've got to book a room to get access, but who doesn't love a daycation? Just looking at photos of their pool area is enough to plan yourself a ditch day from work and spend it poolside enjoying cocktails and tunes. I'm planning my Tuesday right now.

Pictures: Boise's Best Pool Will Have You Ditching Work For A Daycation

The Riverside Hotel Pool

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