If you believe the latest trends, America loves light yellow beer the most, and hasn't quite acquired a taste for the darker IPAs and craft beers.  Hmm.  This news may help us decide what to serve at our big football parties next weekend.  

USA Today says Budweiser has fallen out of the top 3 favorite beers in America, into fourth place.  Do you love these the most?

1. Bud Light

2.  Coors Light

3. Miller Lite

4. Budweiser

5. Corona

The study tracked beer sales and raised the idea that maybe people are trying to save carbs and drinking less beer overall.  Or they could be switching to craft brews, wine or mixed drinks.  No one really knows why we can't all agree on a spelling of "light" vs. "lite."

It seems like those top five beers are always in coolers at parties, but more and more I see people grabbing other brands.  I gave my Midwestern-traditional-farmer dad a Stella when he was in town visiting at Christmas and he loved it, and this is a guy that's been a total Bud Light fan for as long as I can remember.  He even ventured out and tried a Blue Moon beer with a sliced orange AND tried sushi on the same night.  So maybe we really are getting more adventurous as a people.

Idaho beer drinkers have been great about supporting the craft beer industry, and may disagree that Bud Light is the #1 favorite beer.  But it's all relative.  Everyone is in charge of his or her own taste buds, and we like what we like.

With the big game coming up next Sunday, you might be looking to stock your cooler, and you can't go wrong with a little bit of everything - domestic, Belgian, German, Mexican, craft, or homemade.  Well, maybe not homemade.  That's risky.  But it all pairs well with pizza and wings, and Jay Ajayi and Shea McClellin on the flat screen. Cheers!

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