Errors happen in every job in every city in the world. Sometimes, these errors go entirely unnoticed, even by the company itself. Sometimes, the error is so big that seemingly everyone finds out about it. One recent example is when last month, St. Luke's accidentally flooded most of the Treasure Valley with up to 18 text messages informing us of their new texting platform. If you missed it, their texts will now be from 71434.

The bigger the company, the more noticeable the mistake. Most people won't notice a mistake at a small clothing boutique downtown. Still, many would see one at a major retailer at the Village at Meridian or Boise Towne Square. It certainly shouldn't surprise us that mistakes happen more frequently to these larger businesses just because of the basic math. These businesses get more opportunities to make mistakes with greater product loads, employees, and locations.

America's largest retailer is Walmart. They have 4,623 stores nationwide, including 33 in the Gem State. On average, these stores see three to four trailer trucks of merchandise each weekday. Each truck holds 50-60 pallets, each containing an average of 50 items. That means that the Boise Walmart Supercenter unloads up to 120,000 individual items per week and stocks up to 200,000 items per week. Needless to say, there is plenty of room for error.

However, one would think that someone would have noticed this mistake before reaching the floor. As of yesterday, the Boise Walmart Supercenter on Overland was selling a bunch of locally themed holiday clothes. But one seemed to have found its way to the wrong store.

Can you tell which of these shirts may be on the wrong rack?

Boise Walmart Makes A Silly Stocking Error Before Black Friday

Gallery Credit: Marco

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