Today marks the first official day of the Boise Trails Challenge which is an annual month-long challenge that runs for a full month from June 17, 2021 to July 17, 2021.

Whether you are an avid trail runner or are new to the whole thing, you can sign up to try and complete as many of Boise’s trails as you can during a single month.  Participants will discover new favorite trails, break out of their normal routine, test their endurance, and compete for prizes! All participants will receive Boise Trails socks ($15 retail value), finishers and winners will get even more stuff. There are also random prizes and drawings, too.

Participating is super simple: you just create an account using the “Sign-Up/Log-In” button above, link up your Strava account (this just takes a few clicks), pay the registration fee, and you’re good to go—your challenge profile will pull your activities from Strava and check those trails off as completed.

Challenge Stats

Total Distance - ~170 mi.

Total Climb - ~36,000 ft

Total Segments - 216

Total Trails - 94

Total Participants - 956

Personally I just started running more through the trails in Boise and although I'm a little intimated by this is a beginner, this challenge is good for all levels. The best part is you can go at your own pace and set your own goals! That's what I'm doing with this anyways.

As you can see there are almost 1,000 participants signed up so far! You can sign up and read up on more information about the Boise Trails Challenge at

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