Oops, You Did It Again?!

BOISE, Idaho. Year after year, it seems there's always a faction of Treasure Valley parents who miss out on swim lesson sign-ups for themselves or their kids. But rather than call them out, we're helping them out!

In the gallery below, we've listed several Boise-area swim schools and instructors to help you find the best instructional fit for you and yours in time for spring and summer sign-up!

Water Safe At Any Age

This year, friends, we're getting in front of it together. Why? Because at any age, learning water safety and how to swim are vital survival skills to have. And while Idaho is a landlocked state, it's still the home of more than 8,000 rivers and streams and more than 1,600 irrigation canals.

Idaho Urban Water Fatalities

If you think Idaho residents who live in more urban or metropolitan areas are less likely to experience death by drowning, the opposite is true. According to the Bureau of Reclamation's Research and Development Office, water fatalities tend to increase in proximity to urban areas.
Bureau data further indicates that the expansion of Treasure Valley residential areas "has resulted in approximately 1,000 miles of reclamation canals in urbanized areas." Authorities believe the resulting exposure leads city dwellers, namely children, to view irrigation canals as water recreation areas rather than the threats they are.
As alarming as this information reads, it certainly underscores the importance of getting yourself and your kids swim lessons this spring and summer.

A Word of Encouragement for New Swimmers

If you're someone who takes to swimming like a duck in water, that's fantastic! If you're someone who struggles to achieve a respectable doggie paddle, that's a-okay, too! When in doubt, think, "WWDD," aka, "What would Dori do?"

Scroll on for a gallery of 10 Treasure Valley/Boise-area swim schools and instructors to choose from for spring and summer 2023 swim lessons! Click each pic to be directed to the school or instructor website!

Special Reminder to Book Your Boise Swim Lessons ASAP


In the gallery below, we've listed 10 Treasure Valley/Boise-area swim schools and instructors to help you find the best instructional fit for you and yours in time for spring and summer sign-up!

Gallery Credit: Ryan Valenzuela

Boise Area Parks That Boast The Best Fun!

New to Idaho with a family in tow? Welcome to the Gem State, neighbor!
If free fun is your clan's jam, the Treasure Valley is home to a trove of cool playgrounds and skateparks. Valley parents can pick from an array of open play spaces that fit their kids' ages, needs, and interests.
From splashpads to skateparks, to state-of-the-art playground equipment that accommodates differently-abled kiddos, Valley parks are built for serious play.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Valenzuela

That Escalated Quickly: Idahoans Get Honest in Playground Reviews

🗨️ When it comes to Gem State parks, Idahoans aren't holding back.

From bogus jungle gyms to disturbing restroom conditions, Idaho's community of reviewers are drilling down on the state of local playgrounds.

If you're all about the receipts, we got 'em. Click each pic for the link to the original review!

Gallery Credit: Ryan Valenzuela

Boise Parks You Can Drink In While Your Kids Play

Looking to throw yours or your kid’s next birthday bash, celebration, or bangin' barbeque on the Boise Greenbelt?

Look no further because we have good news for you, friend. Gin n’ juice, beer, and wine are welcome at these six parks with an easy-to-secure permit and reservation.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Valenzuela

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