A hashtag campaign called #notsilentbecause is taking Boise State's campus by storm, encouraging college students not to be silent about sexual assault.

Two BSU students decided it was time to stand up and do something about it to spark a change.

The girls behind the initiative said it was born when they realized how many voices of sexual assault survivors go unheard.

They are turning their traumatic personal experiences into encouragement for others, to remove the stigma and empower their peers to share experiences and prevent sexual assault on campus.

They put together a video montage with about 100 students that played on the big screen during the Boise State Broncos' last home football game against UNLV.

"Not Silent Because" is an entire presentation that students will give to all first-year Boise State residents starting with the next spring semester.

They teach about sexual assault, consent, and violence prevention.

Watch the whole #NotSilentBecause video HERE.

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