I went back and forth deciding whether or not to write this article. The last thing I want is to stress any mothers out with the headline, "Peeping Tom" in it. That would freak anyone out.

This is serious though and being a father of two with a pregnant wife it's important I relay this message forwarded to me. Someone is looking through windows in the middle of the night and this isn't the first time.

A mother in Southwest Boise is "terrified" because someone was looking in her window close to 3 AM on Saturday morning. She was in her bathroom when catching a glimpse of a phone on a selfie stick looking through the window. She turned and saw it before the person ran off. This isn't the first time. She also caught someone looking through the windows last Fall before they got away. The Boise mom called the police department both times and authorities are aware of the situation.

The victim of the stalking is a mother with a family that feels "violated and terrified" in her words. Both incidents happened in the early morning hours from 1 AM to 3 AM. These are just the times she actually saw someone looking in. This doesn't count the times she might have missed them and that's what bothers her.

If you know anyone that could be related to this situation please call the Boise Police Department or just dial 911. Nothing is worse than finding out someone is watching your every move through a window. What if that person was recording you?

I know we live in Boise and everyone thinks it's so safe. That is true, but let's be safe anyways. Lock your doors, close the garage and turn on the alarm. Make sure your motion-activated lights are working and keep them on. You can easily get those at Home Depot for cheap that will light up with motion. Run those thieves, stalkers, and peeping toms away.


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