Boise night life—what's that? At 37-years-old, I'm about to find out.

BUT FIRST, marriage & military life

As a military spouse who married her high school sweetheart, my 20s led me down roads less traveled compared to singles my age. By 21, I was married, living overseas, and dealing with the ripple effects of the Bush administration's Global War on Terror.

Photo Credit: Ryan + Liv Valenzuela
Photo Credit: Ryan Valenzuela // My daughter & me.

Always the baby of the group, my beautiful mil-spouse sisters were four-to-10 years my senior. While I was living life like Kid-Free Barbie, my girlfriends were knee-deep in raising babies, toddlers, and teens during deployments. So when it came to girls' night, our version was low-key, kid-friendly, and jammy-chic. It was a chapter of my life I'll always adore.

NINE YEARS an idahoan

Today I'm nine years an Idahoan. The incredible women who make up my haram here are every bit as remarkable, kind, and cool as my mil-spouse sisters.

Photo Credit: Ryan Valenzuela
Photo Credit: Ryan Valenzuela // My daughter, far-left, & two of her Boise besties.

Most of them have toddlers nipping at their heels, or moody pre-teens hustling them for rides all weekend long—all of whom I love like my own nieces.

Because of this, my girls with kids and careers would sooner laugh themselves to six-pack abs than sacrifice a night of eye cream to join me for a premier or an event at a rowdy bar. And that's perfectly okay. Whether I'm ridin' solo or with my mom-tourage, life after my kid's bedtime is about to get a lot more exciting.


As I kick off my first year in the entertainment industry, a new chapter of my life is unfolding. Local events, concerts, festivals, premiers, fundraisers, and impractical shoes have a place in my life like never before.

Photo Credit: Ryan Valenzuela
Photo Credit: Ryan Valenzuela // Chris, my morning show partner, & me.

It sounds strange, but in a way, the Treasure Valley's been like a best friend at the office these last nine years. Despite how close we've grown and everything we've shared, our friendship's always had a glass ceiling overhead. But that's all about to change!

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