There's a cider maker that wants your apples, and you have until September 10th to drop them off. All of the different types of apples will go into a homemade press, and you'll be able to sample some true Treasure Valley cider later this fall.

Meriweather Cider Company in Garden City wants all the apples it can get, for this enormous cider project that's going on for the next two weeks.  No fallen apples, but as long as you've picked them from a tree in a neighborhood, at an orchard, or along the roadside, they'll take them and put them through that cider press.  They'll even take apples with worm holes or hail damage.  One bad apple doesn't ruin the bunch apparently.

It's not just one variety of apple that they end up with, so you can imagine that the finished pot of cider is pretty complex and deep.  The Neighborhood Crush project takes all kinds of apples and mixes them up to make a cider, and it sounds like it's making the most of some great local produce.

The cider goes on tap this fall, and you'll be able to grab a glass from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on October 8th.  Those who drop off apples by September 10th can get a discount on the finished cider. Meriweather is also planning an apple crushing party on September 10th, and they'll have apple juice that day too.

Fall is coming!  If you've already overdosed on pumpkin spice, apples might be the perfect alternative.

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