Mayor Bieter is right there with the rest of us in Kristin Armstrong's corner. Happy for her and proud!

And there's a celebration event in the planning stages now that's going to turn into a city-wide celebration.

Mayor Bieter released a statement right after the Olympic win last Wednesday, saying what a great role model Kristin is, and how she's a powerful and positive example of hard work and dedication.  She's a working mom with a bunch of Olympic golds!  An inspiration to us all.

There's a city-wide celebration planned for Sunday, August 28th to honor Kristin and her big cycling win, and although the details are still coming together, we're sure it will be huge.  We all want the chance to show Kristin some love, and congratulate her husband and son too on the gold, since having an Olympian in the family requires a lot of scheduling, coordinating, and sacrifice.

As soon as we have details on the Boise celebration, we'll let you know.  But August the date!

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