On Saturday night there was a 21-year-old Boise man who made the biggest mistake of his life, he is lucky he didn't end up taking anyone's life including his own. The Idaho Press reports that Meridian Police say Avery Harrison-Ceci of Boise thought it would be a good idea to steal his grandmother's vehicle and lead police on a chase hitting speeds of 90 mph.

Avery was first spotted at the Walmart parking lot on the 500 block of West Overland Road, the SUV he was driving was already reported stolen out of Caldwell. Police attempted to follow the vehicle and the suspect noticed immediately which made him drive erratically while officers had their lights and sirens going.

The chase lasted for more than 5 minutes, which is a long time when someone is putting the community at risk driving through neighborhoods. He crashed his car when it left the roadway at West Harris Street and South Kentucky Way, that is when Avery decided to surrender.

Police found drug paraphernalia, tin foil, and meth in the vehicle which the suspect says he stole from his grandmother. That is the lowest thing I have ever heard in my life, blaming your drugs on your grandma. Disgusting.

Avery is now sitting in the Ada County Jail on suspicion of seven different felony charges, with a bond set at $100,000 on those charges. His next court appearance is set for April 22nd, let's hope by that time he starts taking responsibly for his own actions. After double checking his arrest report, he isn't available for bond due to two felony charges of Failure to Appear on another case.

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