Kristin Armstrong was back in town Saturday night for the 30th annual Twilight Criterium, and the kids that turned out to meet her will also be seeing her on TV next month competing in the Olympic games.

Football, baseball, basketball, and soccer seem to be the biggest, most popular sports i the US, but the Olympics inspire kids to stick with whatever sport they love and feel drawn to.  And Kristin plays a big role in that in Idaho.

Kristin Armstrong came out of retirement a second time to head for the Rio Olympics next month, and for that matter, to race in her home-town last night.

She led kids on a pretty cool race earlier in the afternoon too.  For many of the cycling-loving kids that had the chance to grab a picture with her, they were meeting a hero.  And you know they'll make it a point to watch her on TV in August, competing in the Rio Olympics.

I probably don't have to say how awesome Kristin is, as a  two-time Olympic gold medalist,and going for a third in Rio.  The NBC Sports schedule is out, and cycling events start August 5th.  It might be hard to concentrate at work with the Olympics streaming, and on every TV at bars and restaurants in August, but if we can fight through Pokemon we can probably overcome that too.  We'll choose our spots to watch, and cheer on Kristin.  With the kids, since she's such a great inspiration.

Kristin's birthday is coming up August 11th.  An Olympic gold medal would be the icing on the cake.  Good luck Kristin!

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