What makes a city a must-see destination? 

One might argue that it’s the amount of culture that is available for visitors to experience.

For instance, the art, music, parks, scenery, history and (most importantly in this particular case), the food. 


This is why the foodies over at Food & Wine decided to put together a list of America’s Next Great Food Cities. Basically, the up-and-coming places that they believe should be on people’s radars. 

According to F&W, these places are worth traveling to in 2022, for their “creativity, innovation, diversity and deliciousness.” 

Well imagine our surprise to find our own little town made this list, and it's ranked as number 2, no less!


Why Boise, you might ask?

They boasted that Boise is a “new culinary capital [that] can hold its own against northwest food hubs like Seattle and Portland.” 

While we were also hesitant to believe whether our town deserved such a high honor, the reasons they gave were very compelling.


Here in the Boise area, we have:

  • Fancy doughnut shops
  • Food trucks all over the Treasure Valley, including a Food Truck Park opening soon near the Boise Greenbelt
  • Immigrant-run restaurants, such as Kibrom’s Ethiopian and Eritrean Cuisine and Ansots Basque Chorizos
  • Vineyards and a wine scene that is “one of the Pacific Northwest’s best kept secrets”
  • A food hall called The Warehouse, coming later this year
  • Unique and high-quality restaurants and bars, including many with inclusive and diverse options


Plus, they’re not saying we’re better than Seattle or Portland, because we don’t think any foodie would argue that. 

But they’re saying we’re on the up-and-up, and Boise is beginning to hold its own against these great culinary towns.


Do you agree or disagree with this?

Either way, what a great time to live in a city that has so much promise. 

It looks like we have a bright and delicious future ahead!

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