Local Photog Captures Rare Rainbow Pics

Shout-out to Gregory Drake from Mountain Home! The local photog captured brilliant images of one of the rarest rainbows Boise has ever seen.

On Friday, June 23 at 2:30 p.m., Drake was near the intersection of Eagle and Overland when he spotted a brilliantly-colored prism hovering above the Academy Mortgage Corporation building. Stunned by what he was seeing, Drake whipped out his camera to photograph the remarkable event.

Jim Chimes In

The following afternoon, Drake shared the images on the Idaho Weather Watchers Facebook page; a group moderated by 7KTVB. In his post, Drake requested insight from Jim Duthie, one of the group's top contributors. Duthie responded almost immediately.

These have been occurring for the past three days. They are usually called “sun dogs” and are rainbow patches or sometimes a full halo around the sun or moon. Very much the same as a rainbow, but instead of sunlight being refracted by raindrops and forming a rainbow, the ice crystals in the high citrus clouds reflect the light into a rainbow of sorts above us. They often indicate impending rain, though not always over the location where they are observed. —Jim Duthie

Thanks, Jim.

Photo Credit: Gregory Drake, Mountain Home // Canva
Photo Credit: Gregory Drake, Mountain Home // Canva

Locals are loving and chiming in on Drake's pics. The post has since garnered more than 2,000 reactions, 208 comments, and 346 shares.

On what she believed the rainbow symbolized, Jennie Bolton-Sexton of Riddle, Oregon commented, "A sign of God's love for someone to be comforted." Kelly Henley of Boise, however, described the prism as "a fire-rainbow" that emerges following the appearance of chemtrails over Boise.

What do you think? Message me with any thoughts, theories, or pics you care to share at ryan.valenzuela@townsquaremedia.com!

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