Picture it: you're headed west on State, somewhere between Garden City and Eagle, when flashes of red, white, and blue light up your review mirror.

You're annoyed, maybe a little anxious, but dinner's waiting and the last time you outran a cop was at a high school kegger 😳 Anywaaay...as Officer Boise approaches, he stops to give your car a tap on the behind. But why?

It doesn't matter how big or small it is, they'll tap it.

Has this ever happened to you? It happens so fast it's easy for some people to miss in the mayhem of the moment. Even though my memory isn't the sharpest, I still remember my trunk's first tap. I mean, who doesn't?

Since then, Boise P.D. and Ada County LEOs have both tapped my trunk at least three or four times, and no two were the same. Some officers tapped it gently while others actually made it bounce. But hey, we asked for it, right?

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3 Reasons Idaho Cops Tap Your Trunk

Believe it or not, it's an old-school, hands-on form of protection. Seemingly handsy cops are making sure everything's as it should be. After all, what if someone were hiding in your trunk? You yourself could be hiding any number of dangers or dirty secrets back there.

Another big reason they do it is to startle the driver. It's a slick tactic that works. Catching the driver off guard gives Officer Boise a chance to uncover and assess any threats the driver might be harboring.

Both make sense, but we think the final reason is the most interesting. Boise cops tap and touch your trunk to leave their fingerprints on it. This way, if anything goes down, the officer's fingerprints are "unbeatable evidence" they were there.
With as freaky and unpredictable as people tend to be these days, it's no wonder cops get a little touchy from time to time.
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