Cheers to Boise's down-home watering holes. 

Is it just us, or are Boise's dive bars more fun lately? As our once-bitty Boise expands by the minute with wealthy transplants and upscale businesses, these neighborhood hole-in-the-wall gin joints just feel like home. And we love it.

Boise dive bars have a magnetic, hard-to-resist charm.

They're the epitome of genuine. They exude down-to-earth vibes that tell you you're more than just a customer, you're part of a community.

It's a place where your drink order becomes your identity, and friendly bartenders are always up for a good chat. From the karaoke nights that let you live out your inner Taylor or Teddy Swims, to the patrons that make every night feel like a party at your best friend's house, it's always a good time.

Boise neighborhood bars are just more affordable. 

Local bars nail it with their amazing drink deals.

You won't have to break the bank for a beer or a cocktail. Sometimes you stumble (probably literally) across a deal that's so good, you wonder how the place keep its doors open. It's the kind of spot where you can chill without stressing over how much you're spending every time you take a sip.

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A Boise bar crawl on the cheap? Yes, please. 

How about this for a weekend plan? Rally the squad for an epic **but-still-affordable** Boise dive bar crawl. If this sounds like your jam, adventure awaits you and your Idahomies at each of the 15 dives in the gallery below.

🍻Scroll on for a look at 15 of the Boise-area's most beloved dive bars.

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