A guy on Los Angeles Craigslist wants your underwear. 

Not just anyone's underwear. He wants that good-good, primo-supremo kind worn by the fairer sex. Ladies ISO a side hustle or extra cash, this one's for you. 

What kind of underwear is he looking for?

New, old, stretched, and faded; thongs, boy shorts, briefs, bikinis, g-strings, and granny panties—from the sounds of it, everything is on the table.

He might even want the ones on an exclusive, first-name basis with your Always Maxi pads. He wants 'em, girl. He wants 'em reeeal bad.

Walmart // Canva
Walmart // Canva

Why does the California Craigslist man want your undies?

From what we surmise, it's more than business, ladies. This guy's on a bizarre mission to preserve the beauty and sanctity of your bloomers. Even the horrible eight-pack of high-cut Hanes-Her-Way briefs no woman under 90 wears. **Sorry, Nanna.**

You know the ones we're talking about. You bought them by accident at Target or Kohl's and kept them for emergencies. Only that was four years ago, and you'd rather go commando than be caught dead in those. This is their time to shine.

Entrepreneur or Pervert?

On one hand, it's possible the California underwear enthusiast fell on hard times. After all, the economy isn't exactly booming at the moment.

What if, in a desperate attempt to pay the rent, he found a brilliant, inspired way to upcycle women's underwear? Picture it: your heinous high-cut briefs finding life anew as a kite surfing the wind, or a pro-woman parachute. He could be an entrepreneurial genius.

Take a look at his post.

LA Craigslist, Missed Connections Community
LA Craigslist, Missed Connections Community

On the other hand, he could just be a pervert with a kink for women's underwear. The call's not ours to make.

2 Tips to Make the Most of Your Old Underwear

If the Encino wordsmith somehow persuades you to sell him your underwear, we have just two suggestions. One, tell him you're 10 to 70 pounds heavier than you really are, per the "worth more in weight than gold" clause.

And two, c'mon, ladies! There isn't a two. The guy's a creepy nutjob. Take this article for what it is: a silly laugh and a sobering reminder that some people are freaks 😕

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