I will never understand vandalism. Being destructive to just be destructive makes no sense to me. Have you seen these people who did about $1000 in damage to the Boise High School Gym? 

According to idahonews.com, the crime happened on December 22nd at about 3:30 in the morning. The damage was done by them kicking the door. Both suspects are believed to be in their 20's.

The other major issue I have with this kind of crime is the violation of privacy. I had my checkbook stolen back in the early 2000's and my home was broken into and ransacked a few years back. Just the thought of these people being somewhere they had no business being and causing this kind of vandalism makes me so mad. There is no reason for it.

If you have any information on these criminals, please call the Boise Police at 208-377-6790. You can also leave an anonymous tip at 343-COPS.

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